FAI Press Release Cancellation of Underage Elite Football / Return to Level 3 Restrictions
Sadly Once Again The Needs Of Children Involved In Sport Have Been Ignored

As you are all aware by now, we have moved from level 5 to level 3. Naturally this has been welcomed in many quarters but sadly once again the needs of children involved in sport have been ignored.

This is so disappointing at a time when there has been so much positivity around Children following the recent excellent “Late Late Show”. Our Charity Partners, Childline, will testify to the benefits to the mental and physical health of our children gained from their involvement in Sport. While access to regular training is welcome there is simply no substitute for children playing football matches and no excuse for discriminating between one group of children and another group through the use of the word Elite.

For the full FAI Press Release Cancellation of Underage Elite Football, please Click Here

What can we do?

As you are aware the Board of Directors, Dublin & District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League wrote to the FAI President Mr Gerry McAnaney on October 15th to express its dismay as to the designation of the underage national league as Elite. This was as a result of the reaction and backlash of our Stakeholders (Secretaries, Managers, Coaches, parents & Guardians) to the FAI statement issued on 18th September.

It is obvious, at the time of writing, that our parent body has no interest in Grassroots football. Indeed, it appears that the term “Grassroots football” is showered like confetti only when they need Government financial help.

In truth we have to promote and highlight our own particular message. It is our belief we have to “enlighten” the government and Sport Ireland of the tremendous work done by all the volunteers from the 160 clubs, involving 20,000 plus boys and girls in 1000 plus games on a weekly basis.

This can be done by contacting your local political representatives, FAI CEO and Directors or indeed anybody in the medical decision regime and pointing out the anomalies that exist at present.

We are fully aware that this is not everybody’s cup of tea but it is up to us adults to do our level best to look after the welfare of the children in our stewardship.

Here are some points for your consideration.

The GAA were given the green light to restart its provincial minor and U-20 competitions as the Country moved to Level 3 of the Living with COVID Plan.

Of the 70 million euro Government funding given to sports organisations football got 13 million euro. GAA got 31 million plus extra 15 million for the Championship. Rugby got 18 million euro. HOW MUCH OF THIS ENDED UP WITH CLUBS THAT CATER FOR CHILDREN.

We are told that schools are advised to open windows in classrooms to allow fresh air in to help fight the virus. It therefore makes no sense in stopping the same children from playing a game of football in vast open spaces, filled with fresh air once a week.

As mentioned above the mental welfare of the children.

Should there be no respite for these young players from endless training, they will abandon the game we endeavour to grow each week.

No recognition of the tremendous and costly work being done by DDSL Clubs in fighting Covid on a daily basis.

Feel free to use any other issue that will enhance our chances of a resumption.

It is our intention to resume football in late Jan 2021 and hopefully the current positive developments around vaccines will improve the possibility that the authorities will ease restrictions and allow a return to play.

Can you please use all available methods including your social media platforms to ensure this message reaches your members/volunteers/coaches/parents & guardians.

Our voice needs to be heard.

Thanking you in advance, keep safe, have an enjoyable Christmas and let’s look forward to 2021.

Board of Directors,

Dublin & District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League

05/12/2020 11:44