Let’s Get The Kids Back Playing

The Executive Football Committee Dublin & District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League are pleased to announce the launch of the “LET’S GET THE KIDS BACK PLAYING” initiative.

As we approach the Festive Season there are reasons for optimism and hope that the Country is turning the corner and we can look forward to 2021. The phrase most used by those of us involved with Schoolboy Football since matches were suspended in September is “Let’s get the Kids back playing”

This is indeed our primary goal.


We are hopeful that a return to Level 3 restrictions will enable ALL CHILDREN to return to playing football.



● Provide as many games as possible before the end of June 2021.

● Prioritise DDSL Competitions

● Ensure League Competitions are completed

● Award Medals and Trophies

Revised Structures

To allow for this return, the possibility of further interruption due to Covid-19 and to allow some measure of flexibility across all age groups the following arrangements will apply.

The goal is to provide the maximum number of games for ALL.

Small Sided Game U8-U11(with the exceptions of U11A Sat & U11A Sun).

These Divisions will remain as they were in September and will continue on a home/away basis.

U11A Sat-U11A Sun/ U12 Sat-Sun/U13 Sat-Sun/U14 Sat-Sun/U15 Sat-Sun/U16 Sun Divisions.

Each Division will be divided into groups depending on the number of teams.

For example,

● Divisions consisting of 12 teams will be divided into 2 groups of six. (10 games each).

● Teams will play off for positions 1-12.

● Promotion/Relegation will apply.

● Maximum number of games per team is 20. Minimum number of games per team is 11. This will allow flexibility in the event of further interruption. Further details will follow.

● This will vary for Divisions consisting of less/more teams.

● An open draw to determine groups will take place and will be available to view on the website.

Results from 12th/13th September and any subsequent games for U11A Sat-U11A Sun/U12 Sat-Sun/U13 Sat-Sun/U14Sat-Sun/U15 Sat-Sun/U16 Sun Divisions are NULL AND VOID.

● Process/listing of fixtures shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee whose decision on any matter shall be final.

U17-U18 Divisions.

These Divisions will remain as they were in September and will continue on a home/away basis.

Results from 12th/13th September and any subsequent games WILL be included for U17-U18 Divisions.

Further information updates will be issued in the coming weeks.

Best regards to All, please take care.

Executive Football Committee,

Dublin & District Schoolboys’/Girls’ League.

22/11/2020 14:59