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Client Testimonials
Basketball Ireland
Bernard O'Byrne (Chief Executive)

We have dealt with Comortais for over two years now and have found the system and people we interact with to be efficient, professional and innovative. We needed to build a bespoke fixtures and results service for Basketball Ireland and Comortais provided the ideal solution.

We are planning more business with them as we consider revamping our registration system in the near future.

18/03/2017 13:54
Basketball Northern Ireland
Gavin Garland (Club Development Officer)

Comortais is a great competition management system for BNI.

This has made a one man system into a community system.

We are able to post all of our teams, players and schedules to it live and it is especially good for our referees and clubs.

Referees can see which games they are assigned to months in advance and clubs are able to input the scores from their games instantly.

BNI are able to run new features such as live game scores and MVP voting tools.

We were a sport that was very slow at reporting results and stats but now everything is instant. I couldn't be happier with the support Comortais has given us to develop the system to our needs.

18/03/2017 13:57
Athletic Union League
Brendan Coghlan (Asst. Honorary Secretary)

The Athletic Union League has been working with Comortais over the past 2 years in developing and implementing a Competition Management System and a Player Registration/Discipline Management System.

Over that period the Comortais team has been excellent in understanding our needs and coming up with solutions that work.

18/03/2017 14:00
Sligo Leitrim DSL
Noel Kennedy (Honorary Secretary)

I, as secretary, of the Sligo Leitrim DSL having worked many years with Soccerbot and now Comortais, can honestly say Comortais is a fantastic system that allows not only fixtures/results & generates League Tables but also a database for Yellow /Red Cards, leading scorers, etc.

Even more important is the backup service Comortais provides and I can say in all honesty the service and training provided is second to none. I would highly recommend Comortais to any League or group.

18/03/2017 14:11
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